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Achievin Data Opennizz wit Webtrendz Infinitizzle Data Connector

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Achievin Data Opennizz wit Webtrendz Infinitizzle Data Connector

Do you remember tha oldschool picture of tha two icebergs depictin tha differences between SaaS n’ on premise software, biatch? Below tha surface of tha software iceberg was infrastructure costs n’ long implementation times dat bidnizzes had ta endure. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. SaaS, as tha newcomer, removed dis unwanted overhead, boastin rapid time ta value n’ a simple subscription-based service.


Todizzle we KNOW both tha benefits n’ implicationz of tha cloud, yet niche, legacy or highly sensitizzle systems still remain behind tha corporate firewall fo’ nuff organizations. Those two icebergs still exist n’ both manage a incredible amount of data. For nuff g-units, tha process of movin anythang between dem requires a thugged-out dope feat of engineering.

At Webtrends, we acknowledge dat both icebergs is growin rapidly up in termz of they data volumes n’ they bidnizz value. In our quest ta head-off tha increasin problems associated wit tha transmission of big-ass datasets between tha cloud n’ tha corporate environment, we embarked on a freshly smoked up generation of connectors fo’ dis purpose.

Data Needz Have Chizzled

Just 10 muthafuckin years ago, tha thought of gatherin visitor-level data from a wizzy analytics tool was a step too far up in termz of technologizzle or market needs. Straight-up few analytics vendors had data stored at a individual visitor level as most was simply storin aggregate countz of joint activity. Five muthafuckin years later, tha value of visitor-level data was becomin mo’ widely understood, yet most crews still lacked tha mobilitizzle ta process n’ integrate anythang mo’ than straight-up lil’ small-ass targeted datasets.

At dat same time, tha industry was challenged wit joinin online cloud based data wit on premise systems up in search of tha single hustla view. With increasin volumez of data on a thugged-out everyday basis, dis issue became mo’ n’ mo’ n’ mo’ hard as fuck ta solve.

Todizzle our crazy asses have a insatiable appetite fo’ all thangs data n’ seem ta constantly want it even when our phat asses don’t even know what tha fuck we’re goin ta do wit dat shit. Many of our clients at Webtrendz want every last muthafuckin single attribute associated wit every last muthafuckin single event up in every last muthafuckin single session fo’ every last muthafuckin single visitor across all they wizzy properties. Put ya muthafuckin choppers up if ya feel dis! That’s three possibly four ordaz of magnitude from tha humble visitor-level extract from five muthafuckin years ago wit its 10 variables.

This explosive growth up in available data coupled wit tha marketer’s need fo’ a mo’ comprehensive picture of they hustlas requires freshly smoked up solutions ta join all dat shiznit together n’ shit. Funky-Ass transfer methodz ta retrieve flat filez via FTP or even APIs require some level of pre-processing, loadin tha fuck into a stagin environment or some other ETL process. That takes time. Even if tha gigabytez of everyday data can be transmitted quickly enough, dope lag is introduced up in tha loadin n’ pre-processin before tha data can be successfully implemented n’ utilized.

Big Data Technologizzle Enablez New Connections

Todizzle there’s a freshly smoked up era of opportunitizzle props ta big-ass data. Clustered, parallel computin n’ inexpensive storage have chizzled tha game. Open source n’ foundation software has become mainstream. This allows g-units like Webtrendz ta build open source enterprise-ready stacks, includin our Webtrendz Infinitizzle bangin’ data platform, providin tha securitizzle n’ support dat g-units need.

Back ta connectin dem icebergs. Our freshly smoked up Infinitizzle Data Connector connects Webtrendz Infinitizzle data directly ta a cold-ass lil client’s data lake or hustla data warehouse behind they firewall n’ deep inside they corporate network. Da connector consistz of two parts, tha straight-up original gangsta bein at Webtrendz ta extract tha client-specific data from tha Webtrendz Infinitizzle data platform n’ tha second bein tha agent up in tha client’s environment which securely receives tha data from Webtrendz up in tha natizzle format.

Da objectizzle is ta configure n’ serve up data as close as possible ta tha natizzle ingestion format without fuckin shitloadz of pre-processing. It’s straight-up fast n’ extremely secure. Well shiiiit, it can write up ta file shares n’ even HDFS directly fo’ dem hustlin Hadoop.

Da Infinitizzle Data Connector serves up a timely, efficient n’ secure way ta connect rich wizzy behavioural data wit transactional, demographic and/or thang holdin data within a cold-ass lil client’s on premise hustla warehouse. It’s like a streamin data pipeline between dem two icebergs.

041316_Inline-597x432-INFINITY-berg (1)

And I’m proud as a muthafucka ta say dat it’s tha straight-up original gangsta legit big-ass data connector unrivalled up in tha analytics industry. Da end result fo’ our clients be a cold-ass lil comprehensive view of they hustlas dat can do wondaz fo’ deliverin a successful hustla experience both online n’ offline.

To learn mo’ bout Webtrendz Infinity, join our Infinitizzle Insiders program.

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