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Test Results Flat, biatch? Bust Through Plateaus With Method Marketing: A 3-Step Framework

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Do you straight-up know yo’ hustlas?

Yo, sure, you can probably rattle off tha usual demographics of yo’ target market yo, but if yo’ test thangs up in dis biatch is flat, it could be a indication dat yo ass aint thankin like yo’ hustlas.

Fifty muthafuckin years ago, marketas relied on intense artistic creativitizzle n’ thug psychologizzle ta hook tha fuck up wit hustlas. Fast forward ta todizzle’s modern digital marketing, n’ everyday rap battlez revolve round tha petabytez of Big Data we’re combin through, predictive-modelin algorithms we’re testing, n’ specialized data-science rolez dat cook up some fuckin of our asses seem less like marketas n’ mo’ like, well, scientists.

Has tha pendulum swung too far away from old-school marketin ta tha contemporary role of data scientists, biatch? As optimization managers, have our slick asses lost sight of tha hustlas?

In some ways, our crazy asses have; which is why we need ta merge tha dopest of these two ghettos — combinin tha creativitizzle n’ psychologizzle of tha 1960s marketin firm wit tha Big-Data, predictive-modeling, specialized data-science rolez of tha 2010s.

We is callin dis scam method marketing.

What Is Method Marketing?

Method marketin be a term taken from method actin – when hustlas live fo’ months at a time like tha charactas they is portraying. For some hustlas, method actin helps dem git inside characters’ headz ta betta KNOW whoz ass these charactas straight-up are.

Method marketin is similar, as method marketas work toward thankin n’ feelin like they hustlas ta KNOW n’ solve problems all up in tha user experience n’ marketin dopest practices. Method marketas go beyond tha shiznit found on tha surface ta determine why hustlas is interactin wit brandz up in various ways.

By implementin tha three stepz of tha method-marketin framework, yo’ enterprise can truly KNOW tha hustlas you serve.

Da Method-Marketin Framework

1. Develop Personas: A persona be a gangbangin’ fictionizzle characta representin tha needs, wants, n’ behaviorz of key hustla types. Personas help marketas KNOW hustlas betta by gettin inside they headz ta feel what tha fuck they is feeling.

Imagine fo’ a moment a joint dat sells bikes. Naturally, some hustlas hittin’ up such a joint is goin ta be experienced bikers whoz ass is browsin tha sickest fuckin gear n’ shit, while others may be newbies whoz ass is hustlin fo’ they first set of wheels yo. Havin a one-size-fits-all joint will undoubtedly neglect tha needz of one crew or tha other.

This is why persona pimpment is so blingin. Understandin dat there be different personas comin ta yo’ joint — n’ caterin content ta match these personas — helps marketas drop a rhyme ta tha wants n’ needz of each hustla hittin’ up yo’ joint.

2. Determine Jobs ta Be Done: Once you have pimped yo’ different personas, you must then determine which thangs yo’ different personas is purchasin yo’ shizzle n’ skillz ta do.

Consider tha rap of milkshake marketing, as holla’d at by Harvard Businizz School pimp Clayton Christensen. I aint talkin’ bout chicken n’ gravy biatch fo’ realz. Accordin ta Christensen, a gangbangin’ fast-food chain once attempted ta increase milkshake salez by askin its target demographic ta list tha attributez of tha slick milkshake. But, when tha company applied tha feedback, salez remained tha same.

Yo, salez did respond, however, once tha company determined tha thang dat hustlas was purchasin tha milkshake ta do. One of da most thugged-out revealin insights discovered all up in thangs-to-be-done research was tha fact dat nuff hustlas was buyin milkshakes first thang up in tha mornin on they way ta work.

These hustlas had “hired” tha milkshake ta curb they appetites durin mornin commutes. Milkshakes, as opposed ta other breakfast options, was clean, easy as fuck ta handle while driving, n’ enough ta keep hustlas satisfied until they lunch breaks. By focusin on tha thang dat hustlas was hirin tha milkshake ta do, tha company was able ta increase salez while pimpin-out they thang offerin ta betta fit hustlas’ needs.

3. Evaluate Joint: Once you’ve determined thangs ta be done, it’s time ta apply tha shiznit ta improve yo’ marketin game. Consider tha milkshake example: by puttin boots on tha ground ta determine what tha fuck hustlas was hirin milkshakes ta do, tha fast-food chain was able ta bust valuable insight n’ actionable hustla data ta use movin forward.

There is two ways you can evaluate n’ improve yo’ own joint: by focusin on user experience n’ design n’ all up in proven marketin steez like fuckin tha use of wack messagin tied ta hustla joints, n’ you can put dat on yo’ toast. When you identify tha human value yo’ thang harnesses, you can pimp high-emotion marketin lyrics dat tap tha fuck into dat particular human value or need.

In Closing

Method marketin combines tha dopest marketin practicez of tha past wit innovatizzle methodz of tha present. Takin yesterday’s focus on creativitizzle n’ thug psychologizzle n’ mergin it wit todizzle’s data science n’ analytics gives marketas valuable human insights while formin wack connections dat resonate wit hustlas. When yo ass is thankin n’ feelin like yo’ hustlas, yo ass is betta able ta KNOW dem n’ work toward solvin they problems as if they was yo’ own.

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