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The Best Is Yet to Come — Predicting Customer Behavior With Data

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What if you had a cold-ass lil crystal bizzle dat would predict hustla behavior wit uncanny accuracy n’ gave you tha juice ta create tha roadmap necessary ta chizzle tha future of yo’ bidnizz, biatch? Would you want one, biatch? Turns up dat crystal bizzle be already available; it is called predictizzle marketing. Predictizzle marketing empowers digital marketas wit tha mobilitizzle ta make intelligent, forward-lookin decisions all up in automation, visualization, n’ user experience innovations coupled wit bangin predictizzle models.

Yo ass have always tried ta predict tha future of yo’ bidnizz. Will yo’ sickest fuckin coupon campaign work, biatch? Will dis year’s Black Fridizzle be betta or worse than last year’s, biatch? Lookin at year-over-year trendz is common fo’ every last muthafuckin bidnizz yo, but todizzle, you have access ta datasets dat could only be dreamed of up in tha past. This is tha freshly smoked up ghetto of data-driven marketing. Well shiiiit, it be bout bein proactizzle not reactive.

A Staggerin Amount of Data Is Available

Da amount of data available fo’ predictin hustla behavior is unprecedented up in tha history of commerce fo’ realz. Adult playas up in tha US is bustin a incredible 5.6 minutes per dizzle wit digital media, n’ over 50 cement of dat is on mobile devices. With all dat data — n’ tha technologizzle ta crunch tha numbers — marketas is able ta know how tha fuck they hustlas is likely ta behave, sometimes before they know theyselves!

A pimped out example be reppin PC manufacturer, Lenovo. Usin they analytics software n’ a predictizzle model, they is able ta predict tha likelihood dat a visitor ta they joint will loot something. Then Lenovo’s targetin software delivers customized content dat will dopest fit tha hustla’s needs. They say it has been accurate nearly 90 cement of tha time biaatch!

Predictizzle Analytics Is Bout Tomorrow

Usin data-driven marketin steez n’ predictizzle analytics aint bout findin up whether yo’ hustla had a phat experience last year. Shiiit, dis aint no joke. Well shiiiit, it be bout decidin what tha fuck yo’ hustla’s experience SHOULD be like todizzle n’ tomorrow. Well shiiiit, it be a ongoing, iteratizzle process dat aint bout tha one-time offer n’ shit. Well shiiiit, it be bout gettin yo’ hustlas appropriate, well-timed offers n’ lyrics at every last muthafuckin touchpoint n’ on every last muthafuckin channel, whether on they hood media feeds, they mobile browsers, or on tha tile floor of they straight-up retail stores.

How tha fuck Do Yo ass Begin Yo crazy-ass Data-Driven Marketin Program?

As wit anythang new, you start lil’ small-ass n’ work yo’ way up yo. Here is some ideas:

1. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. Study One Factor — Usin basic spreadshizzle software, study phat trendz up in yo’ bidnizz ta forecast expected revenue tomorrow, next week, or next year, which is useful fo’ settin budgets n’ goals. Data scientists call dis kind of analysis “univariate time series” cuz you peep only one variable over time, ignorin how tha fuck other factors might come tha fuck into play. For example, you might peep tha timin of offers you have made n’ how tha fuck well they have done.
2. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. Study Two Factors — Begin rockin what tha fuck is called “correlation analysis” ta predict hustla behavior, n’ start bustin control over future revenue. Correlation analysis looks at two trendz or factors ta peep how tha fuck they relate n’ whether one might be able ta predict tha other n’ shit. Yo ass can use ordinary spreadshizzle software. For example, you might add holidays n’ tha school-year calendar ta yo’ analysis up in step one. Then, you may notice a cold-ass lil correlation between tha start of sprang break n’ how tha fuck successful yo’ offer was. Yo ass peep tha opportunitizzle ta make timin decisions regardin yo’ offers dat take tha fuck into account a pimped outa awarenizz of tha hustla’s needs.
3. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. Study Three or Mo’ Factors — Known as “multivariate regression,” a shitload of dis can be done wit spreadsheets yo, but at dis stage, most g-units turn ta specialized data-driven marketin software. Most spreadshizzle software has limitations; if yo’ software lets you gotz a mazillion rows, it aint gonna be enough if you have 10 mazillion hustlas. But here, you can start ta peep tha juice dis analysis can brang ta tha table. Usin our example above, what tha fuck if you added household income, number of children, n’ children’s ages ta tha analysis, biatch? Yo ass can peep how tha fuck you could mo’ accurately target yo’ ideal hustla n’ properly allocate precious marketin resources.
4. Leverage Real-Time Data — Imagine rockin multivariate analysis based on data collected up in real time, predictin hustlas’ behaviors instantly, n’ deliverin tha appropriate content all up in tha moment they need ta peep dat shit. This is da most thugged-out advanced level of analysis, n’ it only scratches tha surface of what tha fuck is possible.

Here be a pimped out example: An appliizzle company wants ta increase salez of its freshly smoked up high-end dishwasher wit a email campaign. I aint talkin’ bout chicken n’ gravy biatch. Usually, tha marketin department would bust a email advertisin tha freshly smoked up dishwasher ta all hustlas yo, but most hustlas either would not even open tha email cuz they did not need a freshly smoked up dishwasher, or they would delete it cuz tha appliizzle was too high-rollin’ fo’ dem wild-ass muthafuckas. Da thangs up in dis biatch is a high-rollin’ email campaign dat went nowhere n’ a warehouse full of unsold dishwashers.

Instead, tha marketin department could use predictizzle analytics ta discover dat hustlas is most likely ta be horny bout new, higher-end dishwashers when they current dishwashers is between seven n’ nine muthafuckin years old, they have annual household incomez of over $100,000, they own cribz of mo’ than 3,000 square feet, they have granite countertops up in they kitchens, n’ they often have teenage lil playas livin at home.

Then, they could design tha ad so dat potential hustlas can picture tha dishwasher up in they own kitchens, like showin a home wit granite countertops n’ a cold-ass lil crew wit teens. Da next step is ta bust emails ta tha playas they identified as most likely ta want tha freshly smoked up appliance. This kind of campaign thangs up in dis biatch not only up in dramatically increased salez yo, but also hustlas feelin dat tha brand understandz they needz cuz they received a offer dat was relevant n’ timely.

When tha creatizzle juice of yo’ writers, designers, n’ strategists come together wit tha mathematical juice of data-driven marketing, you can unleash tha mobilitizzle ta KNOW whoz ass yo’ key crews is n’ create tha experiences they want. Well shiiiit, it be all bout makin smarta decisions n’ exceedin yo’ hustlas’ expectations.

There is signs dat data-driven marketin is becomin mo’ widespread, n’ soon, successful g-units is ghon be unable ta compete without dat shit. Like anythang new, start lil’ small-ass n’ work yo’ way up. In tha end, predictizzle analytics n’ data-driven marketin steez is bout time-honored bidnizz practices — craftin tha dopest hustla experience, bein of steez ta dem playas whoz ass seek you out, n’ givin real value ta dem you serve.

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