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Voice of Data: Ubiquitous and easy access to the right data, at the right time

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Gettin insights from data is what tha fuck dem hoes is lookin fo’ yo. How tha fuck bout gettin insights from one of mah thugs dat dropped 30 muthafuckin years up in digital analytics n’ understandin data?

Meet Stephane Hamel1. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. Stephane be a experienced digital analytics consultant cumulatin a thugged-out dozen muthafuckin years up in tha field. Y’all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! Dude has 25 muthafuckin yearz of wizzy experience n’ 30 muthafuckin yearz of hustlin wit data ta KNOW n’ optimize bidnizz processes.

Stephane: I leverage tha Digital Analytics Maturitizzle Model (DAMM) I pimped up in 2012 ta help mah clients n’ tha agencies I’m pimpin ta uncover they strengths n’ weaknesses n’ build a realistic digital roadmap. I’m also known up in tha industry fo’ thaWeb Analytics Solution Profila (WASP) I pimped up in 2006, as well as bustin lyrics, teachin n’ freestylin bout digital analytics n’ digital marketin fo’ nuff muthafuckin years.

Da “IT muthafucka” dat turned “business”

Stephane: I came ta tha field of digital analytics from a technical perspectizzle – I be a software engineer, DBA, system admin at ass whoz ass eventually gots pissed wit bein tagged as tha “IT muthafucka” n’ decided ta do a MBA specialized up in ebusiness. This gave me a well-rounded perspectizzle on tha digital analytics industry dat was reminiscent of tha early minutez of tha wizzy itself: fuckin shitloadz of collaboration, fuckin shitloadz of fast-paced innovation.

Data, Context & Creativity

Yo, since tha straight-up original gangsta year of work, Stephane started hustlin wit data ta KNOW bidnizz processes yo. His work wit data be a endless game of Lego. Keep peepin’ freshly smoked up tricks or arrangin tha blocks up in new, creatizzle ways.

Data, Context & Creativity

Stephane: When I hit dat shiznit fo’ tha Montreal Stock Exchange I hustled a shitload bout finance, trading, real-time data processin n’ even Big Data before tha name was coined. Y’all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! When I hit dat shiznit fo’ a high-end software company I hustled bout animation, 3D n’ special FX. When I hit dat shiznit fo’ a recreationizzle game manufacturer, I hustled bout manufacturing, ERP, CRM, deala networks n’ a whole lot more.

Yo, so there be a pattern: data, context, n’ creativity ta find freshly smoked up solutions.

Insights outta tha big-ass pile of messy data.

There is essentially two ways ta leverage data: statin a hypothesis n’ diggin up in tha data ta peep if it’s legit or false, or settin a goal n’ followin tha data ta peep if we is makin progress toward dat shit.

Stephane: Either way is fine, as long as you start wit tha right statement n’ dem hoes (all stakeholders) smoke on dat shit. Yo ass can always dive up in n’ hope ta randomly stumble on something… on dat needle up in tha haystack… but that’s probably not tha dopest approach! I’m a phat advocate of optimizin a thousand thangs by 1% rather than tryin ta find tha Holy Grail dat will magically double yo’ salez (or whichever metric you consider ta be a measurement of success). Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. Small, continuous improvements is easier, skankyer, n’ add up ta brang exponential thangs up in dis biatch.

What challenges do you see?

Stephane: I peep a shitload of crews chasin tha next def thang rather than focusin on tha basics: satisfyin yo’ hustla’s, listenin ta them n’ strivin ta improve yo’ shizzle n’ skillz up in tha long run.

Stephane: Many marketas boast Facebizzle, Twizzle, Pimpterest, YallTube, Instagram, G+ logos on they sites n’ is eager ta broadcast on Facebizzle or Twitta n’ peep tha number of likes n’ retwizzlez (or lack, thereof!) instead of straight-up engagin a cold-ass lil conversation. I aint talkin’ bout chicken n’ gravy biatch. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. So metrics is a cold-ass lil curse too – if you focus too much on metrics you lose sight there be actual human beings on tha other end dawwwg!

Out of tha 3Vs, which affects most tha analytics process?

Is there straight-up just 3Vs – Volume, Velocity n’ Variety, or 4 (Veracity), or 5 (Value!), biatch? Please allow me ta play mah Joker here: it dependz muthafucka!

Source: DataScienceCentral2

Stephane: It dependz on tha bidnizz question yo ass is tryin ta answer n’ shit. In some cases, you need a representatizzle data set, so volume is blingin. In other cases, lil’ small-ass data might be just fine but it need ta be straight-up accurate n’ precise (veracity). That’s why I always tell mo’ junior analysts ta look tha fuck into tha Six Sigma process of Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control. Yo ass don’t gotta go tha fuck into tha whole Six Sigma shebang… but it’s worth peepin’ bout problem solvin n’ optimization concepts brought forward by Lean n’ Six Sigma.

Tools dat you expect as leadaz up in Digital Analytics?

Stephane: Digital analytics data be a given – you wanna KNOW yo’ crew, you wanna learn how tha fuck they found you (acquisition), what tha fuck they did (behavior) n’ if it hit dat shiznit (conversion). This gives you a shitload quantitatizzle data, n’ I gotta augment it wit qualitatizzle sourcez of shiznit, like fuckin call centa data, support requests, surveys, or… feedback on Facebizzle, Twizzle, emails, etc.

…and dat leaves you with?

Stephane: And then you have bout 3,000 tools up in tha mar-tech space ta chizzle from! And dis becomes supa complex as lead generation, marketin automation, specialized tools, ad networks, back-office data is added ta tha mix. While tha core tool dat is yo’ digital analytics platform keeps pimpin-out n’ becomin mo’ bangin (and complex), tha bidnizz expectations is also rising… typically fasta than tha mobilitizzle fo’ skilled resources (and budgets!) ta follow…

What tha fuck iz missing?

Stephane: Ah! There it is muthafucka! This is where a platform like Blendo can play a role. Ubiquitous n’ easy as fuck access ta tha right data, all up in tha right time, ta answer tha right bidnizz thangs (while ensurin proper privacy!) be a cold-ass lil challenge fo’ both data scientists n’ bidnizz users/marketas whoz ass wanna be empowered. Y’all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! I be thinkin if there’s a affordable, scalable, human-friendly solution there’s a pimped out potential.

Is you a advocate of work/life balance, biatch? How tha fuck do you balizzle both?

Stephane: I remember readin tha book “Becomin a Technical Leader” by Ken Orr – it resonated wit me cuz I was not aimin fo’ tha funky-ass game path of becomin a manager yo, but instead strived ta become a expert up in mah areaz of expertise (I can say I have bigged up dat shiznit son!). This tinted mah game path n’ I often made chizzlez dat sacrificed “power n’ scrilla” up in favor of “liberty n’ creativity”. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. Some playas could rightly argue one option isn’t up in opposizzle ta tha other n’ shit. I have found tha balizzle by bein a gangbangin’ freelancer n’ buildin mah own underground brand up in a niche industry, livin up in a sick oldschool heritage area near Quebec City, hustlin from home, n’ allocatin a gangbangin’ fair amount of time fo’ freestylin n’ bustin freshly smoked up tools. I rarely have mo’ than 50% of billable time – I could make mo’ scrilla but would lose something: playin wit data. I guess that’s why mah motto is “Data is tha raw material of mah craft”.

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